August 2022 Newsletter

CUWLA 2022 Conference -Weaving Your Own Blanket - September 11-13, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Don’t forget – our inaugural conference is coming up on September 11-13 at the Hotel Santa Fe in New Mexico. Enjoy this tradition-centric retreat that invites you to experience true hospitality in the city’s only Native American-owned hotel. And remember, we have our member referral program in place where you can earn a $25 refund for each new member who names you as their referral and is a member by the conference date!

Carma Parrish

Carma Parrish
Founding CUWLA member Carma Parrish delivering remarks.
Founding member Carma Parrish presented at WOCCU in Scotland to mostly $1 billion+ organizations on how her credit union saw explosive growth by closing all three of its branches…with little member pushback. Congratulations to her on this incredible honor and accomplishment!

Join A Committee

CUWLA is looking for 2 members each to serve, alongside an appointed Board Member and the Executive Director, on either the Marketing/Membership Committee or the Engagement Committee.


  • The objectives of the Marketing/Membership committee are to leverage the Board’s recommendations, determine membership criteria and develop outreach programs & opportunities.
  • The objectives of the Engagement Committee are to create opportunities for collaboration and networking, establish a shared vision between CUWLA and the credit union industry, bring industry partners and CUWLA together for mutual benefit, ensure CUWLA is a highly visible and regarded organization within the credit union industry, and develop funding mechanisms to support CUWLA’s strategies and objectives.

Want to support CUWLA in a committee role? Please contact us today to express your interest and receive additional details. Your information must be sent by 8/31/22.


September 2022

As you know, our Meet and Greets are typically on the first Wednesday of each month; however, due to our upcoming conference, September’s event will be dark, as will our quarterly Power Hour.

Stay tuned for additional information regarding our Meet and Greet/Power Hour events and these excellent opportunities to grab some coffee and network.