Become a CUWLA Member

Discover the benefits of a true support system.

Women hold the majority of CEO roles at smaller credit unions. We do it all, which means we rarely have time to focus on our own career development or building our networks.

As women and leaders of smaller credit unions, we face unique personal, institutional and professional challenges, and have crucial knowledge to help others facing the same. Imagine what we could achieve if we joined forces to network, collaborate and learn from each other.

CUWLA is a safe space where you can do just that – be truly seen and heard while you grow as a leader, a woman and a credit union advocate.

What does CUWLA offer?

CUWLA is the only professional network exclusively for the women CEOs who primarily run smaller credit unions.

Annual dues are:

  • $295 if your credit union has assets over $50 million
  • $195 if your credit union has assets under $50 million

Not sure about your budget? We can help – please reach out if you need financial assistance at

Small credit unions are crucial to the future of our industry. By working together, we can ensure the sustainability of our smaller credit unions, as well as the success of our fellow female CEOs. It’s a win-win for everyone – and it’s what we’re all about!