November 2022 Newsletter


A Note From Our Chair

Hello and welcome to the second quarterly edition of our newsletter. This fall was an eventful one for CUWLA as we conducted our first-ever conference. For those of you who were able to join us, thank you! From the overwhelmingly positive responses, I think you’ll agree everyone found value in attending. For those of you not able to join us, we missed you! But no worries, we’ll have another one next fall. Everyone, be sure and mark your calendars for 2023’s conference slated for September 17-19. More details coming soon.

Also, we set some time aside during the conference to celebrate the completion of our first CUWLA Coaching cohort, recognizing the esteemed Coaches, and their Executive Participants. Thanks to all of you who contributed to making our CUWLA Coaching program a success, and a special thank you to CUNA Mutual Group for sponsoring this very special, and much needed, support system for our members! Stayed tuned on how you can apply to participate in our next CUWLA Coaching cohort!

In addition, we officially announced the hiring of CUWLA’s first Executive Director, Linda White. Linda recently retired as CEO of Upward Credit Union, and as a CUWLA Founder, is a perfect fit to help promote and move CUWLA forward. We’re excited to have Linda at the helm as I’m certain her focus will be to continue to offer a substantial value proposition for you, our CUWLA members.

With the holiday season fast approaching, I’ll close in wishing you all a festive and safe rest of the year.

Big Hugs,


Conference Recap

The first CUWLA conference, “Weaving Your Blanket,” was a fabulous success!

We had 34 members attend, and Barb Loman and Mollie Bell were MCs who truly weaved all that was discussed into a nice blanket.

We heard from Bryn Conway, Dennis McIntee, a panel discussion on executive benefits with Linda White and Lily Newfarmer, and a panel discussion on mergers/growth with Carma Parrish, Christine Haley, and Denise Wymore.
Comments from attendees were overwhelmingly positive! See what some members had to say the last day of the conference and check out the photos, too.

We hope to see you all at next year’s conference on September 17-19, 2023 in the San Francisco Bay (Burlingame), CA.


Linda Bodie & Winona Nava

Congratulations to Linda Bodie and Winona Nava for winning the Herb Wegner Memorial Award!

The National Credit Union Foundation is proud to recognize leaders, programs, and organizations that, like Herb Wegner, make a lasting impact on the credit union movement. The Herb Wegner Memorial Awards were established in 1988 to honor the memory of Herbert G. Wegner. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Linda and Winona’s achievement during our Meet-up at GAC Sunday, February 26 from 7-9 p.m. EST.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Linda and Winona’s achievement during our Meet-up at GAC Sunday, February 26 from 7-9 p.m. EST.


Lily Newfarmer & Maria Martinez

Congratulations to Lily Newfarmer and Maria Martinez for being inducted into the America’s Credit Union Museum Herstory exhibit.

The exhibit highlights the historic achievements of credit union women and is designed to honor the past, present, and future of these incredible women making history.

We’re so proud of Lily and Maria for this incredible accomplishment!


Let us Know!

Hand holding a megaphone

We love to shout out our members! If you’ve been interviewed or are aware of other member interviews, please send the information to so we can share them.


December Meet & Greets

Our December Meet and Greet will be part one of the December Power Hour. Join us on December 7th at 10:00 a.m. CST and December 8th at 3:00 p.m. CST for Power Hour presentations on Executive Benefits. A Zoom invite will be sent in mid-November with more details.

Psst! Want to save the Meet and Greet chat? When you’re on any of our meetings, you can quickly save the chat at the end of the meeting by clicking on the three dots in the chat box. At the top of that box, it will say “SAVE CHAT.” It’s that easy!


New Discussion Board

While we’ve become accustomed to the Discussion Board, we have found a better solution. Over the coming months, we will be setting members up on Basecamp. This platform will allow you to reply from the email or link on a link in an email to reply in Basecamp, post documents in a section for later reference, and more. Linda will begin sending invites to members, so be on the lookout!